Northern Tasmanian Camera Club


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Northern Tasmanian Camera Club

Since its establishment in 1889 the Northern Tasmanian Camera Club in Australia caters for the interests of people in and surrounding the precincts of the Launceston Tamar Valley.

The club consists of a group of people from all "walks of life" and occupations, who meet in various environments in order to interact in ALL aspects of photography.....the visualisation, the digital capture of images irrespective of the type of camera, the making of images, interpretation and presentation of images either for competition or personal gratification.

The constitutional role is to promote and advance photographic excellence through...lectures, demonstrations, field trips, tutorials, workshops, and encourage participation in all levels and standards of photographic competitions and exhibitions.

We believe that by being a member, the club will gain from your knowledge and contribution whilst you are gaining from the experiences of others.


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